Wakefield News Channel launches to celebrate tenth anniversary of life changing mental health charity

Spectrum People, a Wakefield community charity, celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2023. On Wednesday 26 July we are hosting an event at Appletree Community Garden in Agbrigg, “Open for Everyone” – with crafts, a seed swap, mindfulness activities and garden tours available for visitors from 10 am-4 pm. 

We have also invited local businesses and projects to host a stall at the event, including Wakefield News Channel which is being launched by Sparkle (Community Media CIC), with funding from Wakefield Council. Visitors can take a look at the writing stall and vlogging spots around Appletree on 26 July – a pathway to learning digital skills and becoming a writer, blogger, vlogger or social media reporter – and we’ll also be sharing updates about the event on Twitter using the hashtag #OpenforEveryone.

Spectrum People has helped many across the district when their well-being is poor, and Appletree’s green space helps everyone who visits. Lisa, a volunteer, says “I love going there because it’s a very friendly, safe and beautiful place. I love to sow the seeds and watch them grow, and plant them out”.

Appletree Garden

An area of former allotments, Appletree is now a focus for the community and opens at least three days a week, with groups from residential homes, NCS (National Citizen Service), schools and Princes Trust visiting regularly. Askham Bryan College has a close connection to the garden and will be there to talk to visitors on 26 July. 

The garden is run by volunteer Matt, along with two apprentices. Jonathan, an apprentice, said: “It’s an open environment, I learn new skills whilst chatting with volunteers and visitors. I love being there doing the work and enjoying myself and looking after the chickens”. The garden has rescue hens, alongside a pond, willow withy and much more. Find out more about Appletree on Facebook.

Linking up green space and the arts is something Spectrum People regularly hears helps people – and Dawn Bland, campaigning poet and artist who has been working with the charity since 2015, wrote one of her 4 poetry books all about Appletree. Dawn’s poetry and at is all to raise awareness of issues including domestic violence, homelessness and stigma around mental health.

Spectrum People

Spectrum People, part of Spectrum Community Health CIC, is an independent charity supporting people of all ages in Wakefield and district and who are facing barriers in their lives due to issues including mental ill health, addiction, homelessness, offending behaviour, learning difficulties and other disabilities. 

The charity is volunteer-led and runs many projects, all in partnership – with other charities, the local authority, NHS and others. As well as  Appletree Allotment and Community Garden the charity also works alongside organisations Askham Bryan College – running Prince’s Trust, and the apprenticeships, and parent body Spectrum CIC, including at Tieve Tara Medial Practice in Airedale. Spectrum People also provides many arts-based offers, as well as those around green space. 


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