Vodcasts are the future of marketing and storytelling – Here’s why

Gone are the days when youtube, podcasting and social media are sneered at as a business or career choice because nowadays new media is vital to businesses and a viable career choice. 
But with user experience and accessibility at the centre of the online world, it’s important to create unique content on a range of platforms which is why as a media social enterprise we have introduced our trainees to vodcasting. 

What is vodcasting? 

A podcast in video form. So, it is a video and a podcast all in one, so it is done in the podcast set-up but it is also filmed as well which means either the same content or different edits can be shared to more platforms such Youtube, Apple podcast, Spotify, and on social media. This helps you to connect with more people and it also saves time trying to create different content for each platform. 

Our new Sparkle HQ at The Ridings Shopping Centre contains a Youtube studio and a Podcasting studio which we are also equipping with cameras as more and more podcasters are realising the value of video content. Plus vodcasts are said to be the biggest thing to hit youtube this year. So whether you’re a brand wanting to get your message out to more people or you’re a professional content creator building an audience and diversifying revenue streams, it’s worth trying out vodcasting. 

As a social enterprise, we are passionate about enabling aspiring content creators to get their voice online as well as to share powerful stories from their communities. This is why we are committed to not only training organisations but community journalists so that individuals can support their communities and help cause positive social change through blogging, vlogging, and podcasting about important issues they have lived experience of. 
 Our latest cohort of community journalists funded by Prosper (formerly WDHCS) are being trained in vodcasting as well as social media marketing. Not only does this enable community journalists to share their stories and those of grassroots organisations but to also develop their skills should they wish to work for our publications, start their own channel or build a career in communications. 
Whether you’re a business owner, you run a community group, or you have a campaign close to your heart that you want to shout about, finding a niche and vodcasting about it could be the way forward to reach more people and connect with your desired audience.
You can book into a studio like ours where you can be left to it or our team can help you script, produce, edit, and promote your vodcast or facilitate training in a range of multimedia skills. /

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