Bradford car expert who went viral online lands presenting job with BBC

A female car expert from Yorkshire has become a consumer correspondent on BBC’s Rip Off Britain.

Abigayle Andre described it as a real “pinch me moment,” when she received the call.

31-year-old Abigayle had already presented guest segments on motoring for Channel 4 and Dave before she landed the regular slot on BBC’s Rip Off Britain. 

She said: “I’m from humble beginnings. I’m grateful for the opportunity.” 

Growing up in Bradford as a mixed race young woman with undiagnosed ADHD and autism made life challenging. 

Abigayle, now 31, struggled to focus in lessons. She was kicked out of two different schools, and classed as hopeless.

“While I couldn’t stand school I had other interests which gave me more confidence.”

Abigayle eventually got a job in customer services for a car manufacturer where she excelled with her passion.

She said: “I’m a former customer relations manager for Volkswagen Group.”

“I would read about cars all day in between work, as it was my job and I loved it.”

For once Abigayle voluntarily found herself doing homework reading up on the latest cars, technology and motoring news. 

She added: “I was passionate about being ahead of the game and helping customers with their car issues.”

 This set Abigayle up for success when she left the customer service head office and eventually set up her own businesses. 

Abigayle’s love of helping others has since contributed to her success online.

It had originally been her frustration with her own car constantly breaking down which led to Abigayle setting up She Talks Cars. 

“During lockdown, when my business temporarily closed and I kept having courtesy cars, when my car was being fixed, I decided to film them for fun and most of all to help people during a time where they couldn’t access a showroom but still needed to buy a car,” said Abigayle. 

Abigayle’s aim since starting She Talks Cars in 2020, was to help all consumers “be in the know.” 

She said: “I want to help consumers understand how to look after their car, how to buy the right one, save money and understand the financial and legal side of car ownership.”

Abigayle’s down-to-earth personality, unique style and in-depth knowledge on the car buying process has  led to Abigayle going viral online amassing over 300,000 followers and millions of views.

Abigayle said:  “I only recommend what I believe in, if I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend then I wouldn’t recommend it to others.”

It’s this transparent expert opinion which has made her a sought after journalist as well as trusted content creator. 

Her content has been featured in media globally. 

Abigayle said: “My dream has always been to be a journalist writing columns and presenting on TV. Like with how I research cars before sharing about them, anything I do, I like to know exactly what I’m doing and do the best job possible.“ 

Abigayle attended a workshop at The Presenter Studio which is run by top TV executives Gareth Davies and Leon Campbell. 

Gareth saw Abigayle’s unique talent and helped her to land the BBC job.

“I appeared on Rip Off Britain a few times last year sharing advice on breakdown cover, car clocking and insurance scams to name but a few episodes I appeared on.” 

Very much like her previous role in customer services and her content now, consumers contact the show with their problems regarding a car related issue. 

“I get to investigate it, help to find a solution and identify any pitfalls.” 

“It is fantastic to work with them because the entire team cares so much about helping consumers.

“They’re also incredibly accommodating for my needs as a neurodivergent person.”

Abigayle proved popular on the BBC daytime Show.

She added: “I’m excited to be back filming with them soon, solving more consumer problems.

“I’m just a girl from Bradford who has followed her dreams regardless of my circumstances. 

“Never underestimate yourself.”

New series 16 ep One starts today Monday 20 May at 9.30pm. You can catch up with Rip Off Britain on BBC iPlayer. 

Follow Abigayle @shetalkscars

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