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Bananadrama: Yorkshire couple steal the show in music star’s video

A retired Doncaster couple who appeared as extras in a music video for a famous popstar, have ended up going viral online after stealing the show from the main act.

The banana is more famous than V

Here David and Andrea Rawson share their surreal experience, a banana and a music video with millions of views online.

It was Fun Times Filming on V’s new single Fri(ends)


Andrea and I are registered with Kitsch Talent Agency which is based in Kent.

We were asked to make a Video and two different clips. One being in Love and the other arguing with each other.

Our Agent emailed us both asking us if we still had the red items of clothing.  Unbeknown to us, the company had trawled through our Social Media pages to see if we had clothing suitable for the upcoming shoot.

Yes we still had the clothing and were asked to take them with us to the Shoot. (The items were Red in colour which means love in Korea.)

The next morning in November  we made our way to Ace Cafe in London ( A Transport Cafe since 1938 popular with Bikers, rockers and petrolheads)

We arrived at the entrance to the Cafe where we met the Director. Every Couple were directed to sit at Specific places in the Cafe for the shoot. We were the Special Couple and the Director said “Ah my Banana Split Couple” and we were directed where to sit. (The Cafe had been closed for the day for filming). Production had done an amazing job. They had turned the Cafe into a 60’s type American Diner.

On the next table to us there was a vacant space. Again having no idea who it was going to be.  The Director directed us that when filming starts we were going to act our love scenes which we had been told what to do.

Ours involved putting a peeled banana in each of our mouths as below.

Just before filming a young Korean Man walks through the door and sits within a foot away from us.  Andrea and I took one look at each other shrugged our shoulders and had no idea who he was. It wasn’t until later in the day we found out his name is Kim Taehyung aka V From the Korean Group BTS.

Andrea and I at the end of the shoot had to google to see who he was.

The Director said “Action” and we went into our loving scene.  After a minute or so the Director shouts “Cut, Reset”.  We removed the banana from our mouth and it was replaced with a fresh one.  It took a couple of hours to shoot the loving scene which involved us having approx 10 different bananas.

The next scene was the angry scene where we had to be angry with each other. Some people were directed to smash plates on the other person’s head, smash a vase filled with flowers on the floor. We were given a Banana split. Andrea was directed to put it straight in my face and rub it in. (A delight she really enjoyed more than once).

Again the Director shouts “Action and this time the whole room is Chaos with fake glass, plates smashing everywhere and Andrea putting the Banana Split in my face. All the time ‘V’ was sitting at the table while the chaos was going on around him.

It was another few hours filming the same scene. Each time they had to clean the set and start again. I had 10 Banana Splits put into my face overall. V laughed at me with my face covered in Cream.

For the next few months we had to keep tight lipped about what we had done that day.

On March 15th the single and music video  “FRI(ENDS) was released.

Within a few hours it had been watched by over five million people and we had many comments on YouTube about our Banana Special.

It was an amazing day and now we are on film for the rest of our lives. We had no idea what the song was or how it sounded until today but it’s captured the public and it’s going to be a sure fire hit.

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