Threads v Twitter and what’s the difference

Last week yet another new social media platform was launched as something called Threads was launched.

What is Threads?

Threads is a new app aimed to rival Twitter and it had more than 100 million users in five days.

What are the differences between Threads and Twitter?

There are some differences between them and these are:

Threads is owned by Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter is owned by Elon Musk, you can use 500 characters in a post on Threads compared to 280 on Twitter, they both have links and photos, videos on Threads can be for 5 minutes, twitter 2 minutes 20 seconds, Verification on Threads is via Instagram, not on Twitter, you can delete things on both, you cant edit things on either, you can’t do direct messages on threads but you can on Twitter, you cant get trending stories on threads but can on Twitter and you can’t use hashtags on threads but can on Twitter.

You need to have an Instagram account to be able to set up a Threads account. Twitter has threatened Threads with legal action. 

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