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We are Impact Magazine. Your guide to the North of England.

Impact Magazine is the go-to lifestyle magazine for the north. We bring you news, what’s on, food + drink, business, health, and inspirational stories.

Whether you enjoy a night out at the theatre or you’re looking for ways to get fit, we’ve got you covered.  

We’re the voice of the north, with local recommendations for visitors near and far created by top northern content creators .

There’s nowt grim up north, Impact is about shining a light on positive news, stories, and trending places to go.

Join our team of content creators:

Impact Magazine is powered by northern content creators who write, film, photograph and create social media content for this magazine.

Our team gives our readers an insider’s guide to where to go, what to do and an exclusive look at stories about northern people.

Impact is run by social enterprise Content Up North (Community Media CIC) which means any profit benefits the community through digital training, employment opportunities and ,we create a supportive community for Content Creators and Community Journalists in our Content Creators Academy.

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Meet the Team

Content Up North (Community Media CIC) is the team of people who publish Impact Magazine.

We create, publish, and promote content. We are the leading voice of content creators in the UK.

Supporting brands, content creators and organisations to improve their reach online and in the media, to ensure they have the biggest impact possible. 

We do this through: 

– Promotional campaigns, PR and News Agency  

– Content creators academy 

– Social media management 

– Book and Magazine publishing (positive / Impact Magazine in house and the rest we offer as a service) 

– Management for content creators, authors, and brands   

As a not-for-profit organisation any profits we make are invested in the communities we serve.

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