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Ex England Rugby pros battle it out in All Stars charity match with Men v Women at Featherstone Rovers

Former Rugby pros, celebrities and grassroots players played an epic men v women match at Featherstone Rovers in aid of a children’s charity.

Rugby League All Stars is run by the Life For a Kid charity who organise charity games and events to raise money for children

All Stars Rugby is run by the Life For a Kid charity, founded by Dean Hoggard and Jonny Morgan, which raises fund for children in need of support or life saving equipment.

Wayne Godwin aka ‘Waggataurus’ who captained the winning men’s team, said: “Rugby League is different from any sport, we’re all a family. The players, their families and the fans too. ”

Godwin’s squad included Youtuber Danny Mei Lan Malin, Rugby League legend Adrian Morley and Danny Brough.

The All Star women who put up a good fight in their first ever match as a team were captained by former England and Leeds Rhino player turned Channel 4 pundit Danika Prim.

She said: “The game was organised for a great charity but what came out of the women’s camp was an opportunity for some of the players to play again who have horrendous life changing injuries/issues and chance for those who have been out of the game a while to remember why they love it. Rugby League played in the right spirit, for a great cause with some legend and even more inspiring players.

“For many of the players it was their first public match since injury or retirement, so the pressure was on.

Co-founder Jonny said: “To see the players from either team get together was awesome.

“The banter in the changing rooms was great.

Their skills on the pitch were like they have never been away from the game.

We are a long time retired and this can affect our mental health, so getting these games on and raising funds for Life For A Kid gives the players purpose and let’s them know they are not forgotten about.”

Mascots were Jack and Esme Walker whose mother Sam played as well.

Jack has recently received a bravery award from the Yorkshire Children of Achievement Awards.

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