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How AI is transforming fashion: From 4D printed clothes to AI inspired fashion

One fashion designer is helping to redefine clothes using artificial intelligence (AI) as a muse and an aide.

We’ve heard of 4d printed garments and jewellery but now human talent is intertwined with AI in striking new ways. 


Here mens clothing designer Adeseye Ifaturoti explains how he combined his creative flair with the science behind cutting edge technology in his latest collection. 

Fashion Redefined: How AI Wove Magic into the DemptionCollection

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, designers continually seek new dimensions of creativity and innovation. For Adeseye Ifaturoti, the visionary force behind “Plain by Seye Adeola,” the answer lay in an unexpected collaborator: Artificial Intelligence (AI). The result? A collection that transcends conventional boundaries – the mesmerising “Demption Collection.”


AI as the Muse


Adeseye Ifaturoti, a trailblazing fashion designer, has always been at the forefront of creative excellence. Yet, like many artists, trying to break new grounds to generate fresh, original ideas, AI entered the stage, transforming the way he envisions and shapes his collections.


Harnessing AI for Innovation


AI has the ability to dive deep into oceans of data and draw out inspiration. The “Demption Collection” stands as a testament to this. With the aid of AI-powered tools like Adobe’s Sensei and Google’s Deep Dream, Adeseye was able to analyse vast datasets and generate unique design concepts. AI’s insights, fueled by Adeseye’s preferences and criteria, breathed life into a collection that defies convention with the Pleating Suit.


A Pleating Metaphor


At the heart of the “Demption Collection” lies the striking pleating design, a feature that metaphorically mirrors the ever-evolving, unpredictable nature of AI. While the pleating suit itself wasn’t created with AI, it serves as a symbol of depth and complexity – qualities that have become synonymous with AI’s progress.


Efficiency and Quality


AI doesn’t just inspire; it streamlines the creative process. By automating repetitive tasks such as resizing images, Adeseye had more time to focus on the intricate and imaginative aspects of his work. This newfound efficiency ensured that the “Demption Collection” was not only creative but also exceptionally well-crafted.



AI-Enhanced Design Quality


AI’s role in this collection extends beyond mere inspiration. It also acted as a quality assurance partner. AI algorithms analyzed the designs, identified potential issues with elements like color contrast and offered suggestions for improvement. This meticulous attention to detail elevated the collection’s overall quality.


Collaboration Amplified


The world of fashion often requires seamless collaboration. AI-powered collaboration platforms like Conceptboard and Miro facilitated idea sharing, brainstorming, and feedback collection, enhancing the team’s ability to create and refine the collection.


The Future of Fashion Meets AI


The “Demption Collection” signifies a significant leap towards the future of fashion. By intertwining creativity with AI innovation, Adeseye Ifaturoti has paved the way for a new generation of designers. As AI’s presence in the fashion world continues to evolve, the potential for groundbreaking creations seems limitless. With each design, “Plain by Seye Adeola” showcases the dynamic and inspiring possibilities that emerge when fashion meets AI. In this collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence, the future is a canvas waiting to be adorned with timeless creations.


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