Shop local: Reasons why we need to use community based businesses

With the rising cost of living and organisations struggling more than ever, it’s important where possible that we all support each other by buying locally.

53 per cent of consumers are shopping locally following the Pandemic but how does shopping locally impact businesses purchasing and providing services for one another?

Here’s how using community based businesses can help:

  • Boosts local economy: More money invested locally which helps businesses cover their rates.
  • Secures local jobs: It means more jobs are sustainable as there is a need for them.
  • Creates better relationships: You get a personal relationship with suppliers which should mean better quality, service and prices.
  • Shared local values: It’s good for marketing and most of all can be part of your value proposition.
  • Better customer care and easier to contact: There’s more accountability if things go wrong or you need to make changes.
  • More accountability: It’s easier to trace your products and supplies and where they come from.
  • Marketing: You can tell the stories of your suppliers. More customers want to support you as you are supporting the local infrastructure.

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