What we can learn from successful content creators about inclusivity?

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Streamers are popular because they are constantly listening, interacting with and responding to their audience.

“Advocating for inclusion, means our industry can be more successful,” added Jasmine.

I myself find myself being used as a ‘diversity tick box’ which is ok in the sense it has given me access to opportunities but all too often I end up in places where I don’t feel I belong.
This is only sustainable for a certain period of time.
That said, just because I am from a certain background doesn’t mean I represent everyone in my community.

How can we work towards a more inclusive and accessible world?

We need to have people from a range of backgrounds in our teams. Rather than trying to mimic their voice we need to engage and recruit people from these backgrounds.
We then need to ensure everyone feels included and has their voices heard.
For me, accessibility is ensuring the open pathway/door for someone to access a workplace or group for example. Then it’s more likely that we can have a healthier happier diverse space, but to create an equal and happy place is for me where inclusivity comes in. For me it’s an evolving funnel where you need everything in tandem to achieve a better environment for all.

By Sophie Mei Lan @SophieMeiLan

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