How to get ideas for content on social media, for books and blogs

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An author and publisher share their top tips to find ideas for creating content online and on paper.

Here are some top tips from Diane:

“Ask yourself these questions because it’s hard to delete once it’s out there.

  • What am I passionate about? (Read our previous post on public speaking with Lee Furness and creating content with Gemma Whelan)
  • When I’m going to write and publish
  • Where am I putting the content?
  • Does this product reflect me?

Author Rachel Dove who runs personal branding and digital accessibility workshops for Digitally Active, said: “Begin to think about what topics you’re going to write about.
“You may end up being pigeonholed so developing your personal brand as an author and content creator is important so that your writing can evolve with you.”
She said that branding must evolve with the writer.

Make yourself accountable and comment below with the following:

  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What’s the purpose and who are you serving?
  • Topic you’re going to write about:
  • When are you writing content and publishing it? Make sure you have time for sharing.
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