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‘Autumn Statement is already negatively impacting disabled people’

While we’re yet to know the implications on disabled people following the Autumn Statement on increasing welfare sanctions, what it has already done is cause additional stress on an already vulnerable community.

On Wednesday Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced his proposals for boosting the economy.

What this means for those on benefits:

Welfare recipients who do not find a job within 18 months will be forced to undertake work experience under plans to get more people into employment, the Government has already announced.

Those who do not comply with the rules will have their benefits, including access to free prescriptions and legal aid, cut off.

Jack Marshall, a disability campaigner and fundraiser, said that Jeremy has already succeeded in making him feel more worried.

“I want to comment on the autumn budget that took place on Wednesday in regarding benefits and getting people back to work and off the system. I absolutely think that this is a good policy in terms of getting people who could genuinely work but just choose not to off the books and tightens the loophole so they can’t continually cheat the system. I am really worried though about this idea of “threatening people to find work” every situation and circumstances is different and due to factors outside of your control in life, mental health, illness, disability etc that stops you from working. What if a individual gets as much support as possible but still can’t find a job they can actually do or they can’t make that job stick, no fault on them. Thinking to my situation and my disability and limitations, I won’t be able to work in a office because I can’t type, file
I can’t work in a cafe as I can’t carry trays, mop the floor, my hands do work properly for me to do this. Even the work centre people have struggled to find something for me, I want to contribute to society, but I want to be put in a job that I can do and not be put in harms way. I’m worried about the mental health of individuals who will desperately be looking for a job with the best will in the world, who will be forced in the placements just because of their circumstances. I fear this policy will do more harm than good. Not to mention how it will impact me and my benefits I rely on to live.”

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